It’s in Indiana!

So, this is my intro. Like most of the free world, I have been a Windows user for most of my life. I was lucky enough to find Linux when I got into the world of building/running web sites. My early attempts to use it as a desktop OS were unsuccesful. I always felt I could do my job with Linux, but I could do it better with Windows.

Two years ago, it was time for me to buy a new laptop for work. Our CEO is a Mac user and wanted me to try a Powerbook. I took one home and used it to work for a week or so. There were so many things I liked about it. The intuitive interfaces, the simple application installation and other things were very attractive. However, at the end of the day, I still felt more productive in a Windows environment. Also, the Powebook G4’s were not powerhouses. Even my CEO used a Windows machine for some things that were not fast enough for him on his Mac.

About a year ago, after having some problems with coliding code bases, I plunged with my coworkers into using Linux as our desktop OS of choice. This had its advantages for us. Our servers are Linux. Using Linux on our desktops made developing on our local machines much easier. We no longer overwrote each other’s changes and everything was much smoother. One coworker however decided to take the plunge. He moved cold turkey to a 12″ Powerbook. He could still do the things we were doing. He could run Apache/PHP/MySQL all on the Powerbook.

So, fast foward one more time to January 2006. Steve Jobs announces the MacBook Pro. An Intel based Mac. I found myself acting like a school girl over this announcement. After a year on Linux, I had started to wonder about moving to the Mac. We had been at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in 2005 and the number of Powerbook’s we saw was staggering. The market share for Apple in the portable, open source world is much higher than the general market.

So, as of April 1, I ordered my MacBook Pro. I checked today and its in Indiana. The other Linux users on our team will soon follow. In fact, soon, only 3 of our 13 full time employees in our once Windows dominated company will be running Windows full time. Our IT department (3 people) will all be using Mac OS X exclusively.

OMG, I can’t wait for my Mac to get here.
( what is wrong with me =)

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