MySQL Conference notes

The expo floor is now closed.  The Phorum booth had decent traffic over the two days.  It was more than it appeared the HP megabooth was getting.  We heard one thing over and over.  Admins of forums really want to integrate them with their existing user systems.  We have some ability in this area, but we all now think we need to make it a no brainer feature of Phorum.  We did confirm while we were there that the Phorum embedding module will work with Joomla.  It uses the Mambo connector and that works with the current release of Joomla.  They told us that 1.5 would be out soon and it may not work with 1.5.  We will have to look at that.  They were right next to us in the expo hall.  Others that were in the DotOrg pavillion included  Drupal, WordPress and Sphinx Search.  All projects that Phorum can integrate with.

Hanging out with the other Phorum developers has inspired me to get a lot of Phorum 5.2 work done.  The list includes:

  • Rerwritten search code from scratch.  This reduced the number of queries needed to run the search.  It also unified the method for searching for FullText  and non-FullText searching.  That should deliver more consistent results to the users.  New features include allowing for searching authors and keywords together, searching multiple forums, but not all forums and more.
  • Several template improvements to the new 5.2 default template named emerald.
  •  Adding a feature that allows an admin require cookies to login
  • changed the threading code to not use recursion.

There was other bug fixes too.  I was not alone either.  Thomas and Maurice have gotten several fixes (including some things I broke while here) and new features into the 5.2 tree.

I attended some interesting sessions.   If you read planet mysql, you have likely seen write ups about them in other posts.  Of note are a couple of Amazon concepts.  One is using S3 as a storage engine and the other is using EC2 to run mysql cluster.  Both intriguing.

I have also attended some talks on the future of mysql cluster.  The future looks promising for this architecture.  They are striving for more and more online changes.  Which sounds good to me.  The thought of having to roll a restart in the middle of a busy time is bad.

With the expo hall closed, we will have more time to go to sessions and hob nob with other developers.  We hope to sit down with the MySQL web team and discuss their needs for Phorum.  Several people from MySQL stopped by to say how much they liked Phorum and how they were happy with the choice to use it for MySQL forums.


2 Responses to MySQL Conference notes

  1. jim says:

    strangely enough, the ease of integrating phorum into the user system was one of the major things that pushed me to choose it in the first place.

  2. oliver says:

    Wow – Thanks for the info

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