MySQL native driver for PHP

I have been excited about the MySQL native drive (mysqlnd) since I first heard about it.  They are looking for testers now.  The sites I could test on are not really that high traffic.  So, not sure I would be much help to them.

I am not sure how I feel about this bit of news in that post:

While mysqlnd was originally designed for PHP 6, Andrey Hristov has now finished the backport of mysqlnd to PHP 5 and added support for ext/mysql.

On one hand, it means I can play with it sooner.  But, on the other, it gives slackers another reason not to upgrade to PHP6 and mysqli.  Its a shame.  I really like mysqli.  I would really like to see an end of life for ext/mysql.  But, this just keeps it going.  Even more scary is this line:

Given that 60 % of the PHP user base is still on PHP 4, some heavy PHP users would like to see the backporting done all the way to PHP 4. We are evaluating that, but have no immediate plans for such a backport.

Ewww.  I bet the GoPHP5 folks are not sleeping well on that bit of information.  They have no plans, but the fact that its in this post at all means someone has discussed it.  Scary stuff.  Please, folks working on mysqlnd, realize that the reason people are using PHP4 is that they don’t like change.  So, what makes you think they would change the MySQL driver in their PHP4 builds.


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