Ok, I found the PHP 5.2 feature I want in Phorum

After my posts claiming I had no idea why I should want PHP 5.2 so badly, I realized what it was today.  Its the DateTime functions.  Supporting daylight savings time in Phorum has always sucked.  I admit it.  This will make it a breeze.So there, Phorum 5.2 will require PHP 5.2.


4 Responses to Ok, I found the PHP 5.2 feature I want in Phorum

  1. […] behaviour through the new DateTime stuff and therefore I can’t really agree with Brian that its the feature we want in Phorum and that would require PHP-5.2. It would only work half-way, too bad. A good idea which […]

  2. There’s something for everyone. :-)

    Would you consider posting this to the main Phorum site and linking to GoPHP5.org? It would be great to have Phorum on board as a participating project.

  3. ts77 says:

    Like I posted already we stumbled about some problems so maybe won’t use it after all.
    Have to discuss this and the implications further.
    The main Phorum site already “recommends” PHP-5.2 as of Brian’s previous post.

  4. doughboy says:

    I did submit Phorum to the GoPHP5 site. I have heard no word about it.

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