Emacs Sux Too

In a fun response to Derick Rethans, we at dealnews thinks emacs sux too. Of course, you can turn off the Emacs files. We wish Mac OS X had an option to disable the extra stuff for remote and portable media. But, when I consider the Mac vs. Windows or not getting my 6 year old monitor to work in the lastest Ubuntu release, I will deal with the files.

Emacs Sux


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  1. Mr. Cheese says:

    Considering how much more efficient I’ve been on my various mac laptops of the past five years I find señor Rethan’s ballache about extra files absurd. How much pain does a windoze box require to get anything done? And as for a linux desktop? seriously now. I gave up four years of linux-only desktop for MacOS X and never looked back. I’d be hard pressed to find any reason to go back to linux. Ubuntu versus debian, GTFO.

    You want to get rid of the .DS_Store folder, run a one line ‘find’ for fucks sake.

  2. finder on OS X does indeed provide a hidden option to turn off .DS_Store generation on network drives. Usually I’m turning that off using a tool called TinkerTool (google), but that tool does nothing but setting the hidden preference in the finders properties (don’t ask me which one though – just use that tool).


  3. These files have saved my ass a number of times. I put up with them.
    I can exclude these files easilly. When I use “find” I use : find /path –exclude “*~” –exclude “.#*#”
    When I use “ls” I use: ls -B

    You can configure emacs to store the backup files *~ into a hidden .backup directory by using backup-dir.el :

    Download it: http://www.northbound-train.com/emacs-hosted/backup-dir.el

    Use it:

    ; all backups (*~ files) are in the hidden directory .backup
    (require ‘backup-dir)
    (setq bkup-backup-directory-info
    ‘((t “~/.backup/” full-path prepend-name search-upward)))

    Kyle also pointed out something similar on http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/01/26/tilde-backup-file-cleanup/#comment-679 :

    ;; create a backup file directory
    (defun make-backup-file-name (file)
    (concat “~/.emacs.backups/” (file-name-nondirectory file) “~”))

    If you really want to disable backup and auto save, try:

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