Bad Bowl Game Coverage

I am a big college football fan. And I love watching all the bowl games. But, why oh why do they let networks that don’t cover college football during the regular season cover bowl games? I was trying to watch the Cotton Bowl on Fox. But, it was so badly covered and commentated I just could not do it. I had to just find something else. Yuck.

The national championship game is on Fox I think.  I hope they don’t butcher it like they did the Cotton Bowl.


3 Responses to Bad Bowl Game Coverage

  1. codelemur says:

    If it makes you feel any better, they’re butchering the Sugar Bowl, too.

  2. doughboy says:

    yeah they seem to “produce” the game rather than just covering the game. Not enough replays, too many breaks and announcers that seemed to not know college football rules all the time. My guess is that they were some of the fox b or c team NFL guys.

  3. faithsista says:

    Not only that, but the Orange Bowl was a disgrace as well. Who gave them the contract? GAH!

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