Charity for our little team?

I don’t often beg for stuff, but this is not for me per se.  The Phorum team is raising money to get all of our team (all 3 of us) to Santa Clara for MySQL Conference.  We will be part of the DotOrg Pavilion again this year.  We thank MySQL for inviting us.  We just about have all we need for that part of our fund raising.
We also have need of a new server.  We don’t need much.  But, our old Celeron is feeling the pressure of all the new things we are doing with our documentation system.   This is where I am hoping some of you out there can help.  Surely somewhere, someone has a dual Xeon with an older raid card in it that they don’t need anymore.  We do have a need for cpu power and for RAID.  We lost a hard drive a few years ago and while we had backups, it was a hassle.  We were down for days.  We have hosting (from my employer, dealnews), but I guess if the deal was right, I might consider it.  I do run my personal email and another hobby site on the server.  But, 90+% of the usage is for Phorum.

So, if anyone can help us out,  either with hardware or a donation, we thank you.  You can email me at


4 Responses to Charity for our little team?

  1. Vulpes says:

    Just ask Sun for a small cut of that billion they gave MySQL :)

  2. JIm says:

    What are the specs of your current machine? I have a few servers I might be able to donate if they’re better spec than you currently use. Send me an email..

  3. Sebs says:

    Maybe i can help out with hardware soon. Just contact me if you like. But the shipping is from germany ;)

  4. Xaprb says:

    I have some misc hardware I was going to build into a server, decided not to, and haven’t yet sold on eBay. You might be interested in the hard drives. I have a bunch of 7200 RPM SATAs, sealed. Let me know. (I suspect you’d rather not build your own though)

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