Speaking at MySQL Conference 2008

I had mentioned a while back that I submitted three proposals for the 2008 MySQL Conference.  Well, two were accepted.

From one server to a cluster

In the last 10 years, dealnews.com has grown from a single shared hosting account to an entire rack of equipment. Luckily, we started using PHP and MySQL very early in the company’s history.

From the early days of growing a forum to surviving Slashdotting, Digging and even a Yahoo! front page mention, we have had to adapt both our hardware and software many times to keep up with the growth.

I will discuss the traps, bottlenecks, and even some big wins we have encountered along the way using PHP and MySQL. From the small scale to using replication and even some MySQL Cluster.  We have done many interesting things to give our readers (and our content team) a good experience when using our web site.

MySQL hacks and tricks to make Phorum fast

Phorum is the message board software used by MySQL. One reason they chose Phorum was because of its speed. We have to use some tricks and fancy SQL to make this happen. Things we will talk about in this session include:

  • Using temporary tables for good uses.
  • Why PHP and MySQL can be a bad mix with large data sets.
  • What mysqlnd will bring to the table with the future of PHP and MYSQL.
  • How Phorum uses full text indexing and some fancy SQL to make our search engine fast.
  • Forcing MySQL to use indexes to ensure proper query performance.

You can find my conference page here.  (as Terry would say, me, me, me!)


2 Responses to Speaking at MySQL Conference 2008

  1. terry chay says:

    You, you, you! :-)

  2. c keene says:

    Congratulations on getting accepted for two talks! All we got was a BoF, but we are still trying to make the most of it ;-)

    Our BoF session is for DBAs who want a fast way to build web apps with MySQL . The session is Tuesday night@ 8:30pm in Ballroom E, titled “Be a Web 2.0 Rock Star”

    Anand Pandey of MySQL will be conducting a hands-on training session on the open source WaveMaker visual Ajax studio.

    For added excitement, there will also be a speed Web 2.0 code-a-thon with judging by Jay Pipes and cool prizes (not to mention free beer and roving Elvis impersonators)

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