Flusing MySQL replication logs

MySQL master servers won’t remove their logs automatically when slaves are done with them. You can set expire_logs_days to remove them after a certain number of days. But, you are not assured that a slave is done with the logs. So, we wrote a script to connect to slaves and then purge logs on the master servers. It works for us. Your mileage may vary. BSD style license. Enjoy.



6 Responses to Flusing MySQL replication logs

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  2. otis says:

    The zip file seems to be corrupted

  3. Foobar says:

    It is not a ZIP. It is Gzipped as the extension gz states and it extracts just fine.

  4. anonymous says:

    The file is indeed corrupted, even after I tried with gzip -d filename. Can you please post it again?!

  5. doughboy says:

    Apparently my proxies are acting up. I need to figure out why they are compressing non text content.

    I updated the link in the post to this working link:

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