MySQL Conference Swag

I was reading a post about The Swag Report and realized that I stayed so busy at the Phorum booth (and a little at the memcached booth) and preparing for my talks, I did not bother to go around and collect any swag from the conference.  So, if you are a vendor and want to mail me some swag that I missed, you can send it to: Brian Moon, 198 S. Hillcrest Rd., Odenville, AL  35120.  Of course, I expect nothing.  But, ya never know what product I might pimp because of a t-shirt. =)

3 Responses to MySQL Conference Swag

  1. Sheeri says:

    Yikes, I hope you’ll remove your address from this very public weblog!!!

  2. Jeremy Cole says:


    Hiding your address (physical or email) is pretty much a lost cause these days.



  3. doughboy says:

    Yeah, a quick to trip to several sites will give you my address and yours Sheeri. It is already on all my domain whois records.

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