Amazon MP3 Store has holes

A coworker found out how secure Amazon’s MP3 store is.  Even big guys like Amazon make errors in their web site security.

So, I clicked purchase and the album immediately started downloading. It was at this point that I had the thought cross my mind: “Did I update my credit card info?”

Well, no, I didn’t. Before the album finished downloading, I was trying to change the method of payment. Turns out, for a digital purchase, you can’t do such a thing. So, I waited and wondered was was going to come of this…


One Response to Amazon MP3 Store has holes

  1. Vid Luther says:

    I ran across the same problem a few weeks ago, it was actually a card that I had cancelled that they tried to bill, but they let me download the songs first, which was very nice of them. A few days later I got an email asking me to update my payment information.. of course since there is no DRM on the mp3s, they couldn’t turn them off or anything, but since I’m an honest fellow, I did update my information and they charged the new card.

    I’m sure some credit card thieves are mad at you right now for exposing their scam :).

    Or it could be that Amazon looks at your history, and then decides to give you “credit” for n dollars.. well maybe not credit, but leeway..

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