Trying out Twitter

I have decided to try out Twitter.  Mostly it is a curiousity about what it does and how it works.  The recent outages baffle me.  It seems like a very simple application.  I am hoping to find the thing that makes it a tough thing to scale out and/or up.  (Other than it being built on Rails that is.)


2 Responses to Trying out Twitter

  1. keith says:

    twitter seems like a clever enough idea. but also seems like monitoring tool.

    I wouldn’t trust it.

    What is the need, if people can send emails via email lists?

    Well, those things are being read by everyone too, but twitter just seems like making ones life even more of an open book.

  2. doughboy says:

    @keith: Well, you only twit what you want. So, it is not much different from a blog. Just more stream of thought and less prepared.

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